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ORALMEDIC® is presently sold in Canada and Europe under the BRAND name ORALMEDIC® Barrier Solution. ORALMEDIC products are only sold outside the United States where they are available to healthcare professionals, pharmacies and consumers in many countries.

ORALMEDIC® is commonly used to treat oral ulcers, also referred to as canker sores, apthae, or aphthous ulcers. The products unique chemical and physical properties are particularly useful whenever a consumer or clinician needs a controlled superficial treatment for ulcers or minor abrasions.

The product is intended to be used to relieve the local pain and discomfort caused by superficial disease or minor injury to oral tissues. ORALMEDIC® Solution acts through a chemical process that produces superficial tissue denaturization following a brief direct topical application to the site of the lesion. Superficial tissue cleaning and coagulation leaves behind a thin barrier of precipitated organic material that protects the ulcer from further painful stimulation by materials in the oral cavity during the natural healing process.

For customers outside the United States, please email:
Customer Service for product information and to order.