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ORALMEDIC® Barrier Solution is a safe therapeutic chemical curettage agent. ORALMEDIC® Barrier Solution is the only treatment available that stops oral ulcer pain, seals damaged mucosal tissue, cleans cellular debris and aids the natural healing process.

ORALMEDIC® Barrier Solution requires only a single, quick treatment. Simply dry the lesion and apply using a cotton swab.

ORALMEDIC® Barrier Solution accelerates removal of necrotic debris from the ulcer site. The pain is gone within five to ten seconds. Typically, the lesion is replaced by healthy tissue in only three to five days.

ORALMEDIC® Barrier Solution is the preferred treatment that terminates the pain rapidly without damaging healthy mucosal tissue.

It is a ONE-TIME treatment that takes less than a minute to administer.

Clinicians have a new low-cost controlled debridement and cleansing tool.

Dentists, Doctors and Pharmacists should be encouraged to recommend ORALMEDIC® Barrier Solution to patients with regular occurrences of oral ulcers.

See Safety Data Sheet
1. Dry the affected area using the dying swab.

2. Hold applicator with colored ring up. Bend the colored ring to one side until it snaps. ORALMEDIC® will flow to the opposite end.

3. Apply wet swab to the dried affected area holding swab in contact for 5-10 seconds. A brief tingingsensation is experienced immediately upon application.

4. Rinse mouth thoroughly with water and spit out.